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Music is a UNIVERSAL language that brings people together, no matter the age, gender, or race, creed, or other background. Practicing a musical instrument allows children and adults alike a “safe harbor” to escape the noise and troubles of the world around them. Playing a musical instrument can ELEVATE one's physical, mental, emotional, and social level and well-being, especially that of children.


As music has also been proven to increase intellectual abilities in children, music lessons can facilitate every parent’s ambitious DESIRE for their child to succeed in school (Studies in Texas showed that those in All-State high school orchestras consistently outperformed their peers by over 200 points in SAT tests). 


Even while incorporating FUN, inspiration, and spontaneity in the learning methods, music lessons help to solidify a system of VALUES, including respect and dedication, potentially impacting a music student’s life and family for the better (see our FAQ’s below for more).

At the same time, Calvin UNDERSTANDS the busyness of both adults and typical parents of the student child, as many students are also involved in multiple extra-curricular activities. Thus, unforeseen cancellations may be reasonably allowed and make-ups may be rescheduled with no penalty. Similarly, a FREE time buffer may be allowed for late starts to lessons with advance notice, eg. as parents often have to shuttle kids between various places or students may have family emergencies.


While Calvin desires to reach new audiences who appreciate music (through various social media platforms), he strives to RELATE with prospects looking to improve their musical skills and/or progress in their practice of the violin. Besides direct interaction with clients, through subscriber e-mail / social channel updates such as music performance videos, lesson demos, related website links, and even current news (whether in the music world or not), prospective customers would be assisted through the process of considering to book music lessons.


Calvin CATERS not only to the student’s needs including their music levels and abilities, but also can provide regular updates on student progress, while applying feedback as necessary to facilitate the teacher-student relationship and to augment customer SATISFACTION.

"Mr. Tsang is a very experienced teacher. He knows how to IMPROVE your kid's violin skills quickly. He always gives praising to my daughter, which encourages her a lot." - G.Y.

A violin expert and professional orchestra musician based in North York, Mr. Tsang has many years of teaching EXPERIENCE to students of various ages and levels (including violin teacher at the local Conservatory of Dance and Music, Winter music studio, & CCM). Winner of many awards and honors at a young age (and a PROVEN learner of the patented Suzuki teaching method during that time), the professional pedagogue received both Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Music from a PRESTIGIOUS music conservatory.  Many music lesson subjects are also available to the non-violin students, including music theory, aural skills, and RCM exam or performance preparation.  Online lessons are usually held via GoogleMeet (or else Zoom). 


Beyond an balanced approach with the coverage of standardized repertoire through the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) and/or Suzuki curriculum, the teacher-specialist applies his own TIME-TESTED teaching methods involving technical focus, created and customized for each student, which ensures to augment the student’s efficiency in learning and personal drive towards musical progress. For more info, you can also refer to the FAQ’s below, which DEMONSTRATES his knowledge of factors of musical interest in children, tips for helping to nurture the student's interest in music as well as practicing their musical instrument, the benefit of musical practice on IQ & EQ, and how music lessons are geared to spur your child’s motivation to progress.

Q. Mr. Tsang, how would you MOTIVATE my child’s interest in music through your violin lessons?


A. “During the 1st couple minutes of the lesson, I have some small talk with the student to foster a good teacher/student relationship. Praise and COMPLIMENTS (not negativity or threats) are a prevalent teaching tool. If I see that the student is improving in a skill or following instructions better, they get one point and/or sticker. If they have made a significant accomplishment, such as memorizing a song, or master a skill, they receive a few extra points. Once they collect 10 points, they get a small reward or discount towards the next lesson package. Also, I apply a special unique STEP-BY-STEP method for learning a song or passage (btw, check out my Youtube video HERE for learning a scale), which allows the student to feel like they’re progressing in an efficient manner, no matter what their talent level. Furthermore, I walk them through their homework assignments so that they can actualize the idea of practicing them. All these things help motivate them to progress.


So What Are You Waiting For?

You may just have started to think about a musical instrument for you/your child or you are still unsure or hesitant of enrolling yourself/

them in one of the various music lessons offered, but if you’ve READ the FAQ’s below, I assure you that you/your child is NOW one step closer on the road towards starting music or violin lessons! If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ASK through any communication platform, whether it be on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram (icon links below), and GoogleMaps/Business, or via the CONTACT Form below.


Just REQUEST a FREE consultation for your unique “musical” situation, and get to info on various lesson packages, a wide variety of private and group music classes, or other options. Again, take advantage of the special PROMOTIONAL and referral program rates, as they expire SOON ! Even if you are just beginning to think about music lessons, feel free to SUBSCRIBE to the E-MAIL list below, so that you may be notified about new class offerings, discounts, lesson demos, updates, and more tips to help you on your own musical journey. Calvin looks forward to bring MOTIVATIONAL music / violin lessons to you and/or your child!

Still unsure?  Check out Calvin's video on memorizing a scale or passage.  Or Try out what his concise feedback can give you about your song or musical passage - CLICK HERE for details!  Last resort, find out how you can qualify for a FREE* online violin lesson with Calvin (for a limited time) OR observe a lesson for FREE* with his current student!

About this site: Referral-based 5-star ONLINE private violin teacher award-winner Calvin: Learn after school, gifted beginner to advanced string, kids music classes- Suzuki/ RCM, audition prep- In-Home near North York-Mills, Leslie, Bayview, Sheppard. Double Vaccinated/ Vulnerable Sector check, Virtual lessons- Canada & USA (TX, CA, WA, TN, FL, NH): age +6/7 year old, male/ female, white, Asian, 中文, adult, youth/ teenager, elementary/ junior-high student (no piano, voice, guitar, dance, free half-hour, cheap deal

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